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About Us

NV5 is a full-service consulting firm specializing in water resources, subsurface remediation, air quality, building sciences, sustainability, and environmental health and safety compliance services. NV5 is comprised of distinguished environmental engineers and professionals whose collective track record features decades of proven, budget-minded solutions to a full range of environmental and engineering needs.

NV5 serves some of the largest firms in the world, as well as, small to medium municipalities and much in between. Clients look to NV5 as their trusted advisors who stay ahead of policies and regulations and understand how those changes will impact their operations. We help our clients obtain and maintain compliance with federal, state and local environmental regulations, specializing in the complex California regulatory agency requirements. NV5 is known for anticipating and resolving sustainability, compliance, remediation and restoration needs for many businesses and public agencies. At the project outset through completion, we work to understand your challenges and to track your success.

With each service line we undertake — water resource management, air quality management, environmental health and safety, site assessment and remediation, hazardous materials and waste, sustainability, and occupational safety and industrial hygiene — our goal remains the same: to offer strategic advice that minimizes your environmental liability and maximizes your bottom line.