Full-Time Live-In or Live-Out Travel Ready and Professional Nanny Needed- Highland Park, TX

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Job Description

Full-Time Live-In or Live-Out Travel Ready and Professional Nanny Needed- Highland Park, TX

Location: Dallas, Texas, 75205

Start: April 6th, 2023

Children: Their daughter will be 4 months old at the time of the start date

Compensation: Our family is flexible depending on experience and education

Schedule: Monday-Friday. There is a guarantee of 50-60+ hours per week from our family

Say Hello To Our Family:

Our dedicated and busy family of four, including a sweet Bernedoodle, is looking for a top-tier, experienced, and flexible travel-ready nanny to join their family. They are excited to partner with someone who can collaborate with Mom and Dad to ensure their daughter receives the best care. An individual with experience with infants and the ability to navigate all the developmental milestones with two actively engaged parents is essential. To provide the best care for their daughter, they want to ensure the health and happiness of their nanny. With these two wonderful parents, you are forming a wonderful partnership. There is a need for someone with flexibility within their schedule since both parents have very demanding professional roles.

As a child-focused role, your duties and responsibilities involve everything related to their daughter. ??As a family, they look forward to welcoming someone who will act as a true partner. Having just become parents, they're eager to learn new things and collaborate with someone. Our family welcomes you into a true partnership. They also have a gentle Bernedoodle alongside their sweet daughter. In terms of pet care, very little is involved. If Mom and Dad are both working outside of the house all day, it would be appreciated if our family partnered with someone who is willing to let their pup in and out throughout the day and make sure she has water.

A loving, funny, trustworthy, and strong communicator is needed for our family. Someone with working knowledge of how to implement nap and feeding schedules and being able to assist Mom and Dad as their daughter's schedules change as she grows. Forward-thinking is key! A must is being able to think two steps ahead and not being dependent on hand-holding. An active person would be a great addition to our family. In addition to going to parks, story-time at the library, and child-friendly museums, the more creative and age-appropriate outings their candidate plans with their daughter, the better.  For outings, a family vehicle is provided. The ideal candidate must be a travel enthusiast.

In this position, travel plays an important role. They are looking for a candidate who has experience traveling with previous nanny families and is flexible enough to take off during the summer and winter. Some destinations include California, Montana, Hawaii, and Nantucket. During the winter, our family also enjoys skiing in Utah. This position involves travel three to four months out of the year.

As a result of the travel required for this position, our family is open to having a live-in nanny. The live-in space includes a private bedroom and bathroom. The common areas are shared. Candidates for live-in positions should be extremely tidy, organized, and respectful. To be considered for the live-in role, applicants must have a minimum of three years of experience as a live-in nanny with positive references.

Both parents are very busy with their professional careers. The jobs they hold require them to travel. When one parent goes out of town, the other parent would appreciate the flexibility of having someone stay later some evenings. This role requires flexibility, adaptability, and exceptional communication skills. It is essential for our family to be aware of nanny burnout. It's important for them to have as many hours as a candidate is willing to offer, but they also want to ensure you have time for self-care. It is perfect for a career nanny who believes that "the more hours, the better!"

There is no limit to the number of hours our family is willing to offer. They are willing to provide 50-60+ hours per week. For example, Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm would be an ideal schedule for them. For the right candidate, however, they are willing to be flexible. The ability to be flexible is also important. Providing ample notice, one day a week may be 10:00 am-10:00 pm. They are looking for someone who can work with schedule changes.

This is a perfect career opportunity for a nanny who enjoys traveling, collaborating and seeking a long-term partnership with a fantastic family. Our family plans to add more children to their family in the future. As a member of this unit, you will have the security of longevity in a very happy, appreciative, and healthy working environment.


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